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‘Real Women’ Interview #4 with Grace & Georgie Gorman from Holistic Sister!

Welcome to our ‘Real Women’ Interview Series with Charlene Perera!

The scary wake-up call I had that made me realise I was practising self-care all wrong!!!!

How to set boundaries that you actually stick to!

10 things I learnt this year that helped me get the f*ck out of my own way……

Are you stuck in a rut? How to know and how to fix it if you are!

You’ve landed your dream job, but you hate it! Now, what do you do?

How to deal with negative people at work and in life?

Do you have Comparititis? Why you’ll feel much better when you stop comparing yourself to Beyonce!

5 steps on HOW to be Confident when you are stating your Salary expectations!

The trouble with FOMO – Are you that person who is always looking for a better option???

Hi – I’m Claire and I am a recovering Overthinker.

If I knew then, what I know now. What you may need to remind yourself when you push yourself out of your comfort zone….

How to identify if you are a Bullshit Artist, and 5 steps to help you do what you say you will!