Not getting what you want at work? STOP making these 6 mistakes! | Find out what they are HERE!
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Free 20 Minute Call

Are you ready to stop playing small?
To stop holding yourself back?
Ready to stop missing opportunities and second guessing yourself?

Perhaps you work for a Company who needs some support building confident leaders to drive better decision making but aren't sure where to start?

You might even be looking for some guidance on building a collaborative and engaged workplace culture where people can truly bring their whole self to work?

Take charge by booking one of my FREE 20 minute coaching consults today.

Sell Yourself With Confidence

If you know deep down that your lack of confidence and self-belief has been holding you back for years, and you know you need more than just one session, then THIS is the program you need to get out of your way once and for all!

Eating your Cake too presents this new and no bull**it transformational coaching program designed to help you sell yourself with confidence AND get what YOU want in your career and in your life!

Book in a call today to see if this is the program for you!
are you ready to 'get what you want at work'?!
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Get What You Want at Work

Have you ever wanted to ask for a pay rise, but haven't been sure where to start?

Have you ever felt like you are deserving of a promotion, or a title change in line with the job you REALLY do, but you haven't known how to ask?

Perhaps you want to ask for some study support to extend your learning, but you don’t feel confident in starting the convo with your boss?

You might even just want to change your working days and hours to be more in line with the times you feel the most productive but you don’t feel capable of explaining that to your manger.

My 60 minute “Get what YOU want at work” coaching session is perfect for you!
Investment: $300+GST

Pick Me Up

Are you feeling a little ‘blah’?

Perhaps you’re feeling a little overwhelmed or confused about a career decision you need to make, or a challenge you are having at work that you’re unsure how to handle?

Maybe you are just feeling in a bit of a rut and need some fresh motivation to get you back on track and building positive momentum again?

Perhaps you even just need a sounding board. A genuine and caring ear. Someone removed from your day to day who can listen and help guide you to the right path forward for you.

If any of those sound like you, then YOU, my friend, need a ‘Pick me up’ coaching session!
Investment: $300+GST
are you ready for
a 'pick me up'?!
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