How will Coaching Help?

Most people who are in a problem can only see the problem from their lens. That is the reason that a person cannot be their own coach. You can't read the label from inside the jar. Every one of us needs someone who can help us create time, space and helpful tension, and lead us to find the most powerful solutions to our own problems. To find a way forward. Someone to challenge our thinking. Bring a fresh lens. A lens that is also backed with the knowledge, tools, strategies and theory to guide us to remain accountable to ourselves, and to take action for ourselves.

Sometimes we need help to distil the mental clutter that can build up. Sometimes we need someone removed from our day to day life to help us consider things that perhaps we hadn’t considered before. 
To challenge our thinking. To provoke us. To push us. To believe in us. This is where coaching comes in.

We’ll also keep it real and have a few belly laughs along the way – because really, if you can’t do that, what is the point of it all?

Want evidence of where my coaching has been a game-changer before? 
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On the fence about how coaching can help you? I get it. I was nervous the first time too.  Let's jump on a call and talk it through - there is no obligation if you aren't 100% IN! 

  • Claire expertly and in her engaging and authentic way, led a workshop for 150 people all dialled in on video that made it safe and encouraged for each of them to think deeply about how they as leaders show up. The result was a fabulous development opportunity for each attendee and a brilliant contribution to a broader team workshop. Thanks Claire!
    dan edwards probe group
    Dan Edwards
    Chief Operating Officer, Probe Group
  • Claire has made such an incredible impact on my life. Before working with her I was feeling stuck in both my Personal life and Career. Her ongoing support and guidance has helped me to develop into the confident person I have always wanted to be. Claire helped me to develop skills that have allowed me to grow and move forward in my career, as a leader and in my personal life. Incredibly grateful!
    Nikki Green
    Assistant Planner | Shoes & Sox
  • I’ve just finished six fabulous months of business coaching with Claire from Eating Your Cake too. it’s been such a worthwhile investment in my business and personal growth. Since the coaching commenced, I have seen tangible results in my business, an increase of revenue and improved productivity within myself and also my staff. Claire is an incredibly motivating coach, she is passionate about her clients and I believe that because she genuinely cares about your success you work harder at the work she sets. My small business has had so much growth since working alongside Claire I am now within the top thirty in my state. We are looking at increasing my staff and I’ve asked Claire to work as a consultant as the company grows from a small to a large business. Engaging Claire has been one of the most worthwhile things I have done.  Thank you, Claire X,
    kirstin dunn
  • Claire has had an undeniable positive impact on my life. Through her game changing coaching, she has challenged me, inspired me and created many a-ha moments to help me grow and evolve in ways I never imagined. Claire's honesty combined with her positive 'make change happen' attitude has transformed my life and put my career on a winning trajectory. Claire helped me get out of my own way and now, I'm on a purposeful path with no self-imposed obstacles to stop me from making a real difference to my life and those around me. Thank you, Claire, - my coach for life.
  • Claire has been a fantastic mentor and coach through my transition from middle management through to becoming a senior leader, helping me to get out of my own way and realise the best in myself. Claire has a warm and welcoming nature with a really positive and logical way of explaining things. She has truly been an amazing confidence builder and motivator, encouraging me outside of the comfort zone and more importantly past the negative thoughts in my own head
    grace gorman
  • The gorgeous Claire Seeber and I worked together on my journey of personal growth and transformation over the last 6 months! The biggest and warmest THANK YOU Claire. I’m so grateful for having met you and your guidance on my journey! I’ve learnt a lot about what it means  to be @eatingyourcaketoo and truly becoming ME!! I am pumped to take my new skills for further growth as I find my groove and nail life!
    based in melbourne
  • Despite many of us being passionate, ambitious and mindful as we embark on our careers, we all have blind spots in our ability to influence others. Claire has dedicated countless hours to discovering where to identify these blind spots in her clients and building an effective roadmap in pulling them into sight. I have found her insights and support incredibly beneficial in my career.
    chris thompson
  • Claire is dynamic, passionate and actively focuses on improving the performance of the organisations she supports from multiple perspectives. She has a unique ability to look beyond the current situation and think more expansively which helps her stay ahead of the game. Key to this is her deep understanding of HR and OD including learning & organisational development which enables her to develop robust people strategies that support engagement and culture change. I can attest to this having worked with her as a fellow practitioner in the application of coaching with Human Synergistics tools including Lifestyles Inventory and Organisational Culture Inventory. These abilities are balanced with a strong focus on producing tangible results. During our time working together Claire has effectively guided and influenced our program of work in way to align multiple stakeholders and fundamentally improve its return on investment. I hold Claire in very high regard. She is a person who actively “walks the talk” and makes a real difference to organisations with humour, integrity, commitment and enthusiasm.
    hamish riddell
    business owner
  • I was so lost when I started with Claire after a career transition, family emergencies, and then the pandemic. By my third session, I reconfirmed and started to realign with my life values and goals, both personally and professionally. And as a female, Claire helped me be more confident in my path and where I choose to spend my time. The activities to this is now a key tool for me to look back at to for a refresh whenever I feel self-doubt. By the fourth session, I had: a strong business career and life plan, confidence in both my current and future state, and excitement for my new passion work I set out to do now! Honestly, I cannot stop smiling about it! Working with Claire is a direct investment to yourself with a holistic approach that builds from each session. Career and life coaching is even more vital for women in the workplace since we have more challenges, plus typically juggling more things than most men. Thank you Claire for what you do!!!
    katie gerson
  • 2020 has been a whole lot of everything for me and reaching out to Claire was the best thing I did. I've been able to clear my head and focus when it comes to making sure my days have meaning and substance in ways that matter for the now and also for the next. The stages Claire took me through - especially in a pandemic - were not only beneficial for dealing with the day to day, but also made me dig deep, reach in and pull out a collection of antique issues and made them shiny and new. The ease in which Claire makes one feel comfortable is extremely comforting. She has given me a whole new set of tools in which I can utilize for the future, but most importantly for now. I am getting out of my way and it's nice to see the new view.
    raphael thomson
  • Claire was a fantastic coach and, one that I would highly recommend. She has a knack for asking the right questions to help you get out of your own way, while also having fun (we did laugh in every session!). Claire’s authentic and genuine personality, coupled with her experience and knowledge, truly made her the perfect coach for me. Conversation was effortless and she always knew when the wheels were spinning for me and she would ask questions to dig into what I was thinking - we dug deep during each coaching session! If you’re wanting to get of your own way, Claire is the person to help you achieve this.
    jody martin
  • Claire led a discussion with our HR organization about resiliency and how we show up to work. The session, held 10 months into the Coronavirus pandemic, was a refreshing break for the team that reminded them to focus on and care for themselves even during challenging times. Claire's approach was down to earth and easy to connect with.
    ryan bond
  • Claire is an inspiring person and an interesting and engaging speaker. She has great listening skills and an ability to create a positive learning environment. I really enjoyed our sessions together!
    areti mystiroudi
  • I have been so impressed with the "Sell Yourself with Confidence" course by Claire. After being made redundant from a job I loved and an employer of 10 years, I felt quite lost when I first reached out to Claire, fast forward 5 months and I have all the tools, confidence & genuinely excited to put myself back out there knowing what I want out of my next role. Claire isn't just great at helping you to get out of your way but a lovely person to work with. She gets what you are going through! If you think you might need help, you probably do and I couldn't recommend Claire high enough!
    grace gorman
  • What an inspiring and self-revealing six weeks. Claire is an excellent facilitator and guides the conversation where yourself and others can truly discuss, share and learn from one another. A safe community to strip back the roles and titles we all have hang over us in the HR profession and meet as supporters of each other. Our profession brings people together in a group like this, but with Claire seamlessly moving the discussions between all of us, a small community of support is unknowingly built.
    karla kochan
    chief people officer, canada | HR Power pod participant
  • This Pod has been the best kick start to 2021! Such a wonderful group of courageous and compassionate HR professionals who truly understand the best and worst of working in this people-centric role. Thank you Claire Seeber for creating this and keeping me sane!
    shoshanna mitchell
    vp global talent, culture and happiness, usa | hr power pod participant
  • Today was definitely what I needed. If I’m honest, I came into today’s session with a conscious thought that I would just observe and listen. I’m not sure what happened, but it didn’t pan out that way. That spark of energy this morning, kept me energized throughout today and I felt I coped better with everything that was thrown my way
    elisha parks
    head of hr, australia | hr power pod participant
  • This pod gives me the boost of confidence that I need to keep showing up. Just knowing you aren’t alone and having a group of like-minded people to talk has been a game changer for me!
    mike carter
    hr business partner, perth | hr power pod participant
  • There is not enough praise in the world I could give Claire as she is one of those individuals you will always remember as being an instrumental part of your life's journey. Claire has an amazing sense of truly understanding a person and genially helping them become a better version of themselves. With Claire coaching is not superficial or cliché, she really gets to know you, teaches you, and sometimes calls you out but most importantly treats you with kindness and respect.
    Before I met Claire, I was struggling both personally and professionally and even though there is always room for growth, Claire has helped me become the person I always wanted to be but never thought was possible.
    amy neilson
    amy neilson
    Human Resources Generalist at WAVE Electronics, Inc.

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