How I Help Individuals

I help brilliant women like you get clarity, confidence and the results you deserve in your career.

How I help BRILLIANT Women like you

I help elevate brilliant women into game changing career and leadership positions. If you’re here, I suspect that’s you. A BRILLIANT woman. 

I help you get career clarity. The promotion. The Pay-rise. The Stretch-opportunity. The Leadership role you’ve been dreaming about for years. 

But most importantly, I help you be heard, noticed and more able to have the positive impact you want to be. I help you get clear on who you are, what value you bring and what unique strengths and thought leadership you have to offer. And then, we create an action plan that ensures others see it too. 

There are currently only two ways to access me 1:1 as an individual.
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Option 1:

My Exclusive 1:1 Coaching Program 

Imagine if 6 months from now you’d achieved the promotion you’d been dreaming of for years? 

What if you were finally able to have the positive impact on your team or colleagues you’ve been trying to have?

How would that feel? 

My private program is uniquely tailored to your career and leadership needs and goals.


  • 6 months of game-changing coaching where all of our sessions are about one thing - YOU and your career and leadership goals!
  • Pre-work to get you digging in deep to your unique goals, gaps and dreams.
  • Customised work and resources in between sessions to keep you accountable to your success.
  • Unlimited access to me via text and email between our sessions.

Please note: I only take on a limited number of private 1:1 clients each year following a phone call with me. Why? To ensure that I never overcommit, and that my clients get every bit of gold from me that they deserve.

Option 2:

The Career (Re)Vive Intensive

I get it - you are one bussssyyyyyyyy woman and you need results NOW. Maybe you’ve decided it’s finally time to pivot your career and you want a game plan in place STAT.

Perhaps you’re leaving, or have just left a job, and you need help rebuilding your resume, Linkedin profile, and of course some practice in how to nail an interview and get paid your worth!

The Career (Re)Vive Intensive is guaranteed to do the trick!
In 2 half day (3 hours) sessions online we will map out the following for you:
  • Get clear and connect the dots on your unique strengths, skills, passions and career experiences and how they can transfer to various roles.
  • Build your own unique selling proposition - unpack what makes you different and what is Brand YOU!
  • Review and update your resume and Linkedin profile ensuring you’ll be fighting recruiters off.
  • Create an energising career action plan with next steps for you on potential companies and jobs for you to target (whether this is as an employee or freelance) to ensure your next role is one you LOVE!
  • Help you create and build your own networking and relationship currency map to get clear on people who you can reach out to and how.
  • Prepare and rehearse interview questions and techniques to ensure you nail those interviews.
  • Ensure you know your asking price and can say it with confidence to ensure you are paid your worth.
Want to be new-job confident in 4 weeks?



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