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How to Communicate with Confidence like Oprah!

10 November, 2020

One of the biggest themes that I see come up with my clients  is around a lack of confidence when it comes to communicating.

Whether that be in terms of speaking up at a meeting, presenting on a topic in front of peers and key stakeholders, or even just sharing an idea or opinion in a conversation with colleagues or friends.

Guess what?

The world needs us to master this skill.

The world needs us to get out of our own ways. NOW.

And what’s more, if you’re reading this, then it means that you have access to a mobile phone, or a computer or laptop of some kind. It means you have access to the internet. And it means you have the ability to read.

Congratulations! You are already more blessed than so many others out there.  And that is why, even more than ever before, we MUST get out of our own ways.

We must stop our own self-limiting beliefs, and squash the little voices in our heads telling us not to speak up, that our opinion isn’t worthy, or that our ideas are dumb.

Because they are NOT.

They are exactly what the world needs.

Now, we just have to be able to communicate them with confidence so that others STOP and LISTEN.

When you think of women who you feel communicate with confidence, who do you think of?

Who comes to your mind? How do they show up? What do they say, and how do they speak?

I’m thinking people like Oprah, Brene Brown, Jacinda Ardern, Michelle Obama and Kamala Harris, all would likely come to mind for a lot of us.  But, HOW do they do it?

Well, firstly – they’ve done A LOT of work on the inside. They’ve worked through their ‘stuff’ (that we all have!), and they’ve come out the other side clear on their own unique story, their unique strengths and skillsets, and they know EXACTLY what they bring to the table, and why the world should stop and listen.

But secondly, they’ve also mastered some key traps that so many of us get caught up in when communicating. These are the traps that can lead us to coming across as though we are not confident in ourselves, our abilities, or what we are saying.

Here are a couple of these traps that you won’t see these women do:

Communicating with confidence is a critical skill, and one we must continue to master.  If you have realised this is something that you need to work on to future-proof your own career, then let’s talk about my ‘Sell yourself with Confidence’ coaching program and get you standing tall and seizing career opportunities, instead of missing out on them.

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Much Love,
Keen advocate for helping you get out of your own way!

Claire Seeber is a self-proclaimed travel addict, mini-sausage dog mumma, avid blogger, a lover of a good glass of pinot noir and believes a solid belly laugh should be part of your every day.

She is also a professional coach, speaker and People and Culture consultant. Claire started her business in 2018 whilst working full time as General Manager of HR for a large retail business. What she loves the most about the work she does is being able to work with passionate, motivated and courageous people who genuinely want to reach their full potential and are ready to put the hard yards in to get there.

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