Are you currently getting in your own way?

Answer yes or no to the following questions and then click “calculate total” to get your score out of 15.

When I finish a meeting or a conversation with people, I DON'T spend time going back over the details of what I did/didn’t say, or what they did/didn’t say?
I believe I deserve the success I have had thus far, and not that it happened to me by accident, luck or some sort of ‘fluke’?
I have the ability and the confidence to say NO to something when I need to without feeling guilty after?
I know that I am enough, and I don’t need the validation of others to feel valued?
I know who I am, who I am not, and the can articulate the unique value that I bring to my Organisation/Business with ease?
I feel confident to speak up, share my opinion and sell myself with confidence in my career or my business?
When I am given a compliment, I can comfortably respond with “Thankyou” and not feel awkward?
I am able to ask my boss for a pay increase, promotion or other opportunity with confidence because I know my worth and what I deserve?
I know what my top 5 signature strengths are and my unique presence?
I look at job ads for roles, and think “hell yeah, I could do that”, as opposed to “if only I had another qualification or a bit more experience I could apply”.
I have a career/business game plan and a network map that is going to help me bring it to life?
I am aware of what my current barriers are (eg. not managing time well, bad sleep patterns, not enough exercise, overthinking etc) that could be de-railers for me reaching my full potential, and I have plans in place to manage them?
I feel confident and able to talk to my achievements and work successes. I’m not worried at all about tooting my own horn, or coming across as ‘braggy’.
I know I have a current resume and Linkedin profile that both scream “hire me”, and I know that I am selling myself to my full potential?
I see myself as being on equal footing with other people – e.g I don’t look around a meeting table/room and question whether I deserve to be there.

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