Sell Yourself With Confidence Program

If you know deep down that your lack of confidence and self-belief has been holding you back for years. If you know that you currently don’t have a targeted career game plan to get you seen, heard, noticed and needed, then THIS is the group program you need to get out of your way once and for all!

This isn't just another career coaching program. This, my friend, is a one of a kind, transformational group program that is expertly designed and developed to help you sell yourself with confidence AND get what YOU want in your career and in your life!

This unique and hands on program is for you if you have ever experienced one or more of the following:

  • You are currently looking for work and feel overwhelmed or worried you don't know how to sell yourself well enough to land your next role, or where to start.
  • You sweat at the thought of speaking to your boss about a pay-rise or a promotion, but you know you are deserving of one.
  • Previously you haven’t spoken up, or sold yourself because you don’t want to seem like you’re ‘tooting your own horn’ or being too ‘braggy’.
  • You compare your career and life to other people’s and then doubt your own worth or success.
  • You don’t feel confident enough or second guess your own abilities, and therefore don’t put yourself forward, or ask for what you want at work. Instead, you just hope someone will notice and offer it to you.
  • You look at jobs ads and think “if only I had another qualification, or a bit more experience I could apply”.
  • You’ve leant back in a meeting, or looked down hoping you won’t be asked a question because you’re worried that your answer will make you sound stupid, or incompetent and people will know you’re a fraud.
  • You’ve felt like everyone else seems to have it 'together', yet you can barely keep up.
  • You don’t have a career game plan, sponsor, or network map, and aren’t as visible as you need to be to succeed in your career.
I see women miss out on so many opportunities. Not because they weren’t the best candidate, and NOT because they weren’t 100% capable. But because they didn’t put themselves forward, or sell themselves, their achievements, and their abilities in the same way that their male counterparts did.

If any of this feels familiar to you, then you NEED this program!

This kick-ass coaching program will teach you how to sell yourself with confidence so that you can stop wondering what that next opportunity could look like and actually go out and get it!
  • Access to Claire Seeber, internationally recognised and accredited leadership and career coach, for the duration of this 5-month program to support you and ensure you meet your career goals.
  • Mastermind Calls where we talk through key tools and strategies to have you selling yourself with confidence and getting the results in your career that you crave.
  • 2 x 1:1 60-minute private sessions with Claire where she will drill into your exact career needs and create a bespoke action plan for you to nail your career goals.
  • Review, audit and tailored recommendations on your resume and LinkedIn profile from an expert recruiter to ensure you stand out online, and recruiters are banging down your door!
  • Expert Guest Speakers and Presenters to share their knowledge and help you level up.
  • Monthly 2-hour Implementation sessions where we ‘DO the DOING’ together and you can ask questions and pick Claire's brain along the way with a group of epic professional women all over the world.
  • Access to our Private and exclusive Facebook Group to keep you motivated and inspired between sessions and able to build and foster new relationships and professional networks.
  • 24/7 access to a HEAP of free resources to help you take control of your career, including interview prep tips, LinkedIn profile tips, how to state your salary expectations with confidence, and more!
  • A copy of the “Get what YOU want at work” online kit jammed packed with copy and paste templates, checklists, reflection questions and a host more.
  • Pre work coaching questionnaire for you to reflect on where you're currently at and to start creating greater alignment between your past, present and future.
  • Pre work coaching strengths test survey
  • You can also feel great about your investment into you knowing that 10% of your program investment will be donated to continuing the education and empowerment of high school girls in Australia through the 'Be the Difference' Education Program. Your donation will contribute to the pro-bono placement of a high school girl in this life changing program.
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